Embark on a delightful coffee journey with Ott's Flatiron Coffee's K-Cup Collection. Meticulously curated for quality, this collection features a range of expertly crafted coffee blends, perfectly portioned in convenient K-Cup pods. Each blend captures a unique flavor profile, guaranteeing an exceptional coffee experience that will invigorate your senses, sip after sip.
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We've perfected the art of roasting coffee beans to bring out their fullest flavor potential. We take pride in our unique approach, using a special air or "fluid bed" roaster that ensures optimal results.

Unlike other roasters that push beans to the brink of burning, we carefully craft our roast profiles to stop just short of that point. This meticulous process allows us to capture the essence of each bean without sacrificing flavor to char. When you taste our coffee, you'll immediately notice the remarkable difference!


OTTS Gear: Brewed for the Bold

Step into the bold life with Ott's Flatiron Coffee gear. Our t-shirts and mugs are as robust as our roasts, designed for the desert adventurer in everyone. Each piece celebrates the essence of Arizona's rugged terrain and our proud veteran heritage.

Don the gear, embrace the journey—Ott's is with you every sip and step of the way.

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