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Ott's Flatiron Coffee

Flatiron House Blend (K-Cups)

Flatiron House Blend (K-Cups)

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Description: Indulge in the rich and balanced taste of Ott's Flatiron Coffee's Flatiron House Blend K-Cups. Each pack includes 12 K-Cups, each containing 14g of coffee - 4-6oz more than other leading coffee brand K-Cups! This premium medium roast coffee blend features notes of vanilla, bittersweet chocolate, and fruitiness, providing a velvety smooth and delicious cup of coffee every time.


  • Convenient Packaging: 12 pack of K-Cups
  • Complex Flavor Notes: Vanilla, Bittersweet Chocolate, Fruitiness
  • Balanced Roast: Medium Roast
  • Generous Serving: Each K-Cup contains 14g of coffee, providing a full-bodied and satisfying coffee experience with every brew.

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