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Ott's Flatiron Coffee

Short List Joe

Short List Joe

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Ott's Flatiron Coffee presents "Short List Joe," a distinctive blend that is a tribute to Joe and his passion for coffee and motorcycles. This unique mix of six different coffee beans from across the globe results in a sweet, chocolatey, and floral flavor profile, complete with a full, creamy body that truly reflects Joe's adventurous and bold spirit.


  • Premium Packaging: A 12 oz bag of high-quality coffee to ensure you have plenty of your favorite coffee blend.
  • Versatile Variants: Available in both whole bean only.
  • Flavorful Notes: Every sip of 'Short List Joe' delivers a unique blend of sweet, chocolatey, and floral notes, creating an unforgettable coffee experience.
  • Expertly Roasted: Our experts roast and ground the beans to perfection, emphasizing the sweet, chocolatey, and floral notes, and creating a full, creamy body that stands out in every cup.
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